Committee Reports for FY 2013
May 2013

Table of Contents
Minister's Report
Board Report
Sunday Programs Report
Choir Report
Lifespan Learning Report
Social Action Report
Caring Committee Report
Chalice Circle Report
Membership Report
Building and Grounds Report
Finance Report

Rev. Lisa A. Wiggins

By next month I will have presented 21 worship services, a prayer service for the Immigrant Vigil conducted in May and participated in the Interfaith Thanksgiving Service. In addition I conducted an intergenerational Fall 2012 Equinox Celebration on the patio. I continue to deeply appreciate the participation of the UUFLG choir on a monthly basis to enhance the worship experience. Although I have been learning how best to use technology and grappling with glitches in my learning curve, displaying the order of service has been well received with the congregation who is asking for the visual display being available for the other services. Projecting the words of the hymns have also improved the singing by having people look up instead of down into the hymnals. The use of monthly themes, in part generated by Sunday Programming, helped Rev. Schriner and I work together to coordinate our services. I have truly valued Rev. Chris’ different yet complementary voice throughout these past 2 years.

I encouraged Sunday Programming to include the now successful Spiritual Cafes which have greatly added to having participants reflect on their own experiences relating to the monthly theme. It is exciting to see people learn more about each other through the process which is an overriding value in our congregation.

Most services have been well received by many people except when I have muddied the waters by not being clear enough on the sermon being presented. This next year I will work on becoming more succinct and precise for better understanding and flow.

As the congregation has learned more about who their minister is and gained more trust, I have provided more counseling and pastoral care. Most people feel comfortable with me and my non-anxious presence. They have often mentioned that they appreciate my sensitivity and ability to understand circumstances, personality and personal histories. I have had some hospital or rehabilitation visitations because the congregation has been pretty healthy. I have really appreciated that the Caring Committee has taken up the visitation and caring for those who need extra assistance.

During this second year, I have instituted a more direct strategy with welcoming visitors. In addition to writing notes in sequence with the Membership Committee, I have invited visitors to a local coffee shop to get to know them better and to explore any questions or concerns they may have about our Fellowship or with Unitarian Universalism in general. I also worked with Membership and Building and Grounds to invite newcomers to “Planting New Roots” in our sustainable garden in order to get to know each other and feel a greater sense of belonging to our congregation.

Programmatically speaking, I have offered Spiritual Cinema nights once a month and have either led or participated with Rev. Fa Jun in the Second Hour, an intermittent spiritual development workshop series presented after services. I have participated in community-side events like Dinners for Eight, all Fellowship Potlucks and our Inauguration Party in January and the Snow Play Day in the Sierras.

I continue to support Rev. Fa Jun in the Lifespan Learning program. We try to meet once a month and communicate regularly about the progress, challenges and strategic planning for both the children’s and adult religious education and spiritual development. It is a real pleasure to work with such a competent and caring professional who complements our Fellowship programming and worship with excellence.

Given the very good organizational structure of the Social Action Team, I have few meetings this year of this group. I have supported them with pulpit announcements, financial support for our new safety vests and was instrumental, with Board support, in brining the Immigrant Vigil, Prayer Service and Workshop to UUFLG.

I have also appreciated working with the Finance Committee to assess the patterns and programs to financially support the Fellowship. I continue to stress that this support is an extension of our spiritual values and that we need to become more comfortable in the “direct ask.” I have also been encouraging committee and staff leadership in “owning” their budgets and not having to ask permission of the Finance Committee once their budget has been passed by the congregation.

It has been more difficult to represent UUFLG in the Interfaith Council because they tend to meet on days when I am not in town. I continue to attend the area UU Ministers’ Cluster and am involved with the Committee of Ministry for our District Program Consultant and with our District UU Ministers’ Chapter (as a member and also the Treasurer for a second 2-year term.) Probably the biggest contribution in our Unitarian Universalist circles is my being an advocate and vocal avid supporter of our congregation. I let people know what successes we are having and how much you support your minister. This is slowly turning around the District’s opinion of UUFLG (based on some previous bad history.) The District was very appreciative of UUFLG volunteers to the Regional Assembly. Could we become again a “Fair Share” contributor to the Pacific Central District and the UUA in the coming year?

Also in this coming year I would like to participate in the Board created “Dream Team.” This team is charged with a design to enhance our welcoming, programs and building to become a model of an awesome fellowship experience that we all, or most of us, will fall in love again. It is our hope that together we can identify and fan the burning ember at the core of UUFLG which will set us up for a more dynamic future responsive to the needs of our growing congregation. Personally and professionally, I remain energetic and enthusiastic, not only about the Fellowship presence in Los Gatos but also about the congregants whom I enjoy very much. Let us all look forward to continuing to strengthen our Fellowship--this coming year by igniting the liberal religious passion for the uniqueness and treasure at the very heart of our UUFLG congregation.

So proud to be your minister! Rev. Lisa

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Starting in FY 2012-13 the Board changed from a ten person board, primarily concerned about committee work, to a five person board focusing on policy matters. The active / visible work of the Fellowship is done by committees and other groups whose reports are included in other sections of the Annual Report.

The Trustee at Large is responsible for coordination between the activity of the committees and groups and the Board. The committees and groups are self-governing, consistent with the by-laws of the Fellowship. Committees and groups with budgets only need to come to the Board if they have a spending need that cannot be accomodated with the current budget.

Some of the major policy issues addressed by the Board:

Our thanks to Sharon Potts, Office Administrator, for signing a long-range rental contract with the Los Gatos Center for Spiritual Living. They meet on Sunday afternoon and this has prompted us to change scheduled cleaning of the building from midweek to Sunday afternoon.

The Board is pleased with the accomplishments of Rev. Lisa Wiggins and has extended a new contract her for the 2013-14 fiscal year.

Members of the Board are: Bert Olson, President; Kathryn Wood, Vice President; Irving Yabroff, Treasurer; Lorraine Olson, Secretary, Jim Beebe, Trustee at Large.

Respectfully submitted,

Bert Olson, President

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This has been a very satisfying year for Sunday Programs. The Rev. Lisa Wiggins brought energy and innovation to the services in her second year with us as a part time minister.

We were blessed to have the services of the Rev. Chris Schriner during this past year. Chris worked well with Lisa and brought his own special style to us.

Dave Colden showers us with his musical talents each Sunday. Dave and his music are an essential part of the service. Lorraine Olson has done an outstanding job in developing the choir. Every week a top quality sound team supports us. Thanks primarily to the efforts of Alan Martin we have a new high quality sound system. Bonnie George provides us with theme oriented chancel décor.

The Sunday Services group is a small and dedicated team who work behind the scenes to make things go well on Sunday. My thanks to JJ Martin, Katie Rall, Stacy Rademacher and our newest team member Robb Stolberg.

Respectfully submitted,

Bert Olson, Chair

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The UUFLG Choir has completed its second season of providing vocal music for Sunday services. Rehearsals take place most Wednesday evenings in the sanctuary, and the choir performs about once a month from September to May.

The Choir director and singers serve on a volunteer basis, with occasional accompaniment by our professional pianist, Dave Coldren. There is a loyal core group of ten singers.

Music is selected based on expression of Unitarian Universalist values and the musical abilities of the singers. The choir director consults with the minister in order to perform songs that are in keeping with sermon topics. Following is a list of the works we performed in the last year:

September 9, Water Communion Ingathering: “The Water is Wide”

October 21: “For This We Stand” by Jim Scott

November 18: “The Road Not Taken” by Randall Thompson

Sunday, December 23: “Hannukah Holiday” and “Night of Silence” with solo by Tatum Rademacher

Sunday, January 20, 2013: “Deep River”

March 17: “Irish Blessing”

April 7: “Oh, I Am Calling”

May 5: “Cielito Lindo” and “Turn, Turn, Turn”

So far the budgetary needs of the choir have included purchase of sheet music, a few basic supplies, and paying our accompanist for rehearsal time about six times a year. Bonnie George and Kathryn Wood sewed the stoles that we wear on Sundays.

Respectfully submitted,

Lorraine Olson

Choir Director

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The Lifespan learning committee has accomplished many goals in the year 2012-2013.

Children’s programming:

Lifespan Learning’s youth programs have adopted a curriculum designed by Rev. Fa Jun based on the seasonal holidays of various cultures. These lesson plans have been designed to integrate education in world religions, social justice, and personal and social skills. Parents have been giving positive reports about children’s feedback, behavior, and integration of the material.

Children’s programing has begun working more deeply with social action to generate ways of getting our youth involved in projects through which they can contribute to their community and learn about themselves.

In 2012 we had a number of successful intergenerational services.


LLC will develop a curriculum for older and younger school-age children, splitting the class into two groups. This split can be accomplished as soon as a second teacher is hired.

Children’s LLC will work more closely with Sunday Programs to develop intergenerational services that are truly meaningful to the young people taking part in them, and exciting.

Our pre-school program will be exploring more structured, creativity building activity – spearheaded by our own Laura Woods.

Adult Programming:

In 2012-13 we introduced a number of new adult programs including the “second hour” and the “spiritual café”. Our second hour classes have been successful and informative, and our spiritual cafes are bringing our congregation in new ways. We even received mention in the PCD news. Rev. Lisa has also begun a first Friday spiritual film viewing.

These new programs are in addition to the pre-existing religious education activities of Chalice Circles, All-Ages Potlucks, and dinners for 8.

Goals: LLC plans to sponsor and promote more adult education opportunities in the coming year, and to market them in ways that new people are able to find - and come to love our church.

The Lifespan Learning Staff includes: Rev. Fa Jun Christopher Real, Lifespan Learning Director; Laura Leong and Laura Woods, Teachers; Moira Sullivan, Chair of Lifespan Learning Committee.

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We strive to put our UU principles into action through service, education, and advocacy. We promote and support activities which empower us to shape just, sustainable communities within our Fellowship, our cities, our country and worldwide.

In the past year, the Social Action Team sponsored or co-sponsored the following events:

Pack-a-Back Drive for Sacred Heart Community Service; an annual drive to provide students from low-income families with backpacks filled with school supplies. E-waste collection days benefitting the Second Harvest Food Bank in September and May. Holiday Food Drive for Second Harvest Food Bank. Landscape planting at the Los Gatos Youth Recreation Center. Park and trail cleanup at Vasona County Park.

Ongoing Activities

Share the Plate : Once each month, all offerings not marked as pledge donations are given to a local nonprofit organization selected by the Social Action Committee. Organizations are chosen because they provide service or advocacy that reflects our principles and values. Preference is given to small nonprofits without support from large corporations or a national organization, where our contribution can make a critical difference. In the past year, we have donated a total of $3,360 to organizations including St. Luke’s Pantry, StandUp for Kids, Sacred Heart Community Service, Low Income – Self Help Center, Peace and Justice Center, Village Harvest, ACT for Mental Health, and to our Minister’s Discretionary Fund.

Promoting sustainable practices at the Fellowship and in our homes: In 2010, the Social Action Committee drafted a Covenant of Sustainable Purchases and Use that was adopted by the Fellowship and continues to guide all supply purchases. Among the actions agreed on are:

Members are encouraged to “take these practices home” to their own homes and businesses.

Sustainable Grounds Project - a joint project of the Social Action and Building and Grounds Committees, promotes water conservation and a healthy environment through the use of native and other drought-tolerant plants, grown without the use of toxic chemicals.

Ongoing Food Drive for Sacred Heart Community Service - emphasizes foods suitable for the “No Cooking Bags” given to homeless clients and others living without access to a kitchen.

In addition to sponsoring drives and events, the Social Action Committee maintains a bulletin board where additional volunteer opportunities are posted, along with conservation information and newsletters from local advocacy groups. While keeping our focus on local action, we also work on issues in the wider community through the Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry of California (UULM-CA) and Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC).To stay informed about California legislative actions, visit and sign up for the UULM-CA’s e-newsletter. To learn more about UUSC’s worldwide programs, go to

The current members of the Social Action team are Ellen Hill, Coralee Linton, Jim Beebe, Ann Campbell, Mary Hoover and Julie Doyle.

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We have been meeting every two months for the past year. There are now nine active members on our committee and two members who are not able to attend meetings. Our members are Robin Connelly, Ann Campbell, Lou Yabroff, Irving Yabroff, Edy Young, Julie Morgan, Dave Kiebert, Francie Perron and Barbara Kalmoutis and Sue Fera.

Each month we discuss how we have been of help during the past two months for members of our fellowship. At our last meeting we devised a plan of Caring Coordinators so that for each area of support we have one person who can coordinate that activity. I will attach the list of coordinators at the end of this email. Lou and Dave have been tireless in their efforts to write notes for birthdays, get-well cards, sympathy cards. We have delivered food to several families when they were ill. Several members of this committee give rides to other members for church services and to doctors appointments. We have also visited many members who are not able to attend church. This is a constant need of this committee. It doesn't end with one visit. Edy Young came up with the idea of presenting teddy bears to new grandparents. All members of the Caring Committee were introduced to our congregation several months ago. The list of coordinators follows:

Caring Network Coordinators-UUFellowship of Los Gatos
Will contact UU members who have offered to be of assistance

Please feel free to make requests of any member of your Caring Committee which also include Francie Perron, Irving and Lou Yabroff, Barbara Karmoutis and Sue Fera. These requests will then be forwarded to the coordinators. Community Services questions may be answered by the Senior Peer Advocacy program at the Los Gatos Senior Center.

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We have one Chalice Circle with seven members that meets on the first & third Tuesday of each month. We enjoy a 1 ½ hour worship-style meeting where we have the opportunity to share our views on various subjects & themes that stimulate our minds to become more open & accepting of others & ourselves. We have been meeting for over 10 years & have had members come & go. We always hold an empty chair to symbolize that we are welcoming of new members at any time. Our long time service project is to care for the indoor & just outside the front door plants.

Purpose: To provide an opportunity for friends and members of the Fellowship to develop a community of deeper connections and shared ministry.


Respectfully submitted,

Katie Rall

Chalice Circle Chairperson

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The Membership Committee divided into two distinct areas of responsibility: Primary Membership (MC), that concentrates on increasing our membership roster, providing support for the membership, tracking visitors/guests, and providing greeters for our Sunday service. Hospitality Membership, that plans the All Fellowship Potlucks, Newcomer Desserts and any membership related function that involves food! The intent of this organization is to interest more members in participation on the Committee by offering two different areas of interest.

Primary Membership Committee

Each Sunday the Membership Committee provides Greeters to welcome everyone, give them an order of service. Another greeter is at the information table to offer stick-on nametags, a signup list for clip-on nametags, and Visitor cards to let us get to know our guests better. We use the cards are used to follow up with a personal note, phone call, or a special invitation to a congregational event. The cards also help update our visitor database. MC recruited volunteers setup the coffee (an essential item) for social hour, bring snacks, and finally cleanup.

On going activities include developing and maintained a welcoming Visitor Packet to tell visitors about our Fellowship, and supplying other folders discussing different aspects of UU. We participated in the Getting to Know UU meetings for interested visitors and coordinate New Member Recognition ceremonies. Then we assist integrating new members into the Fellowship’s committees and groups. Once a quarter, recognize the members who are celebrated during the first, and then every five years of their anniversary of membership with our Fellowship.

We maintained contact with members whose participation is dropping and sought to understand the reason for their decline in participation. If they choose resign, we conducted an exit interview to gain information we can use productively.

Annually we verify that all of our members continue to want to belong and support the Fellowship. This helps us keep the membership roll current, and the database up to date.

Provide membership an annual photo directory, with the opportunity to have a new photo taken.

Members of the Primary Membership Committee are: Jim Beebe, Katie Stubstad, Erma Browning, Mary Hoover, Bonnie George and Ann Campbell.

Hospitality Membership Committee

Duties of this committee included:

The members of the Hospitality Membership Committee are Bonnie George, Monica Hege and Pamela Pierson.

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The Building & Grounds team has continued to improve our Fellowship home and yard. This has been accomplished by a consistently small group using ingenuity and talent while willingly performing any necessary tasks. Ellen Hill and Bob Blenio have been instrumental in upgrading many items that were in disrepair. The parking lot was in need of new markings and they, as well as Jim Beebe and Dave Kiebert, completed this lengthy task which gave a freshened look to the area.

The garden areas were suffering from an inadequate watering system and that has now been resolved by Building & Grounds installing new sprinklers throughout so that plants are now thriving.

Alan Martin has given to the Fellowship and installed much new equipment. These gifts include the two large TV sets in the West Room and Sanctuary and the accessories to run them and five microphones which have greatly improved our sound system. Alan also has performed many invaluable tasks which improve our lighting system.

Many small but essential jobs are performed indoors on a regular basis and they may go unnoticed by the congregation. Recently, however, many members of our Fellowship family have expressed their appreciation for the new folding upholstered chairs which have replaced the old metal ones in the West Room.

A work party is held once a month to tackle jobs inside and outside the building. This is sometimes not enough to keep everything in good repair and very often one or more of the crew attends to necessary repairs in between work party days. Building & Grounds could be even more effective if a few more helping hands were volunteered. Many thanks to those who faithfully provide help:

Ellen Hill, Bob Blenio, Jim Beebe, Dave Kiebert and Alan Martin.

Coralee Linton, Committee Chair

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The UUFLG began the 2013 Fiscal Year on 1 July, 2012 with a Membership approved baseline budget expenditure of $124,785 and anticipated income of $118,909, which would have resulted in a deficit of $5,876 for the year. The year's deficit was planned to be covered from an Operating Reserve which stood at $19,363 at the beginning of the year.

There have been several adjustments to the budget as the year progressed;

The operation of the Finance Committee has been improved through better processes and definitions and the self-audit process.

The latest revised estimate projected for end of fiscal year 2013 shows an improvement in the budgeted year-end deficit from $5,876 to $3,930. The projected amounts for the Operational Reserve and the Building and Grounds Reserve at the end of the fiscal year are $13,853 and $5,954 respectively. The beginning fiscal year 2014 reserves will collectively satisfy reserve objectives.

The 2013 pledge drive for fiscal year 2014 was very successful with a total pledged of nearly $100,000 which is $10,000 higher than the previous year. A proposed budget for fiscal year 2014 has been prepared for UUFLG Board concurrence and Member approval. It will be submitted for approval vote at the May 2013 UUFLG Business Meeting.

Finance Committee Members : Irving Yabroff (UUFLG Treasurer and Committee Chair), Merritt Benson, Ann Campbell, Yvonne Liu, Jim Stahl and Eric Pierson.

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